Day: 30 July 2021

  • Work experience key to post-pandemic recovery

    Work experience key to post-pandemic recovery

    The key to post-pandemic recovery for young people As the UK seeks to address the impact of the last 18 months both on the economy and on education, it remains unclear what support will be available to young people aged 11-19 to help them make up for lost time and ensure their employment prospects are not seriously affected. In light of the current uncertainty, leading youth social mobility charity Speakers for Schools commissioned three YouGov surveys to determine the attitudes of young people towards education and employment post-COVID, and how this relates to the views of employers and politicians. Respondents […]

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  • WRAP UK – Panel event for Green Skills Week

    29/04/21 WRAP UK – Panel event for Green Skills Week KS 4 – 5 / S4-6 Wondering how business can become more eco-friendly? WRAP is one of the globe’s leading sustainability charities. Hear from our panellists Julie Hill (Chair), Emma Hallett (Team Manager Collaborative Change Programme), Maria Stapleton (Behaviour Change Project Manager) & William McManus (Sector Specialist – Food) who help drive change and create a better world. WRAP work with businesses, governments, citizens and charities to make the planet a healthier, safer place. Further reading: Food Waste prevention resource for schools

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  • Sarah Breeden – Executive Director, Bank of England

    29/04/21 Sarah Breeden KS 4-5/S 4-6 Sarah speaks about the risk that climate change poses to financial institutions and reflects on her experiences of driving action on climate change forward. As Executive Director of the Bank of England, Sarah is currently responsible for supervising over 500 UK banks, building societies and credit unions and she also leads the Bank of England’s work on climate change. She has been lucky enough to work on lots of fascinating issues while at the Bank – including Covid, Brexit, managing the Great Financial Crisis and the policy response to that crisis.

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  • Rachel Bacon – Assistant Chief Constable, Northumbria Police

    Rachel Bacon 30/03/2021 Age KS4 – 5 / S4-6 Interested in hearing more about a career in the police force? Find out all you need to know from Rachel Bacon, Assistant Chief Constable, Northumbria Police. Rachel is responsible for Citizens Focus which includes Custody, Criminal Justice and Safeguarding. Rachel was previously Head of Crime for Sussex Police and has specialised as a Detective during her career. Hear Rachel share her experiences and answer questions about working in the police.

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  • Dr Sarah Mackenzie Ross – Award Winning Clinical Psychologist & Honorary Associate Professor at University College London

    Dr Sarah Mackenzie Ross 30/03/2021 KS4 – 5 / S4-6 Thinking about studying Psychology? Hear from leading Clinical Psychologist, Dr Sarah Mackenzie Ross on how she pursued a career in the field and is now running her own private practice. Sarah has worked for multiple organisations including the NHS, the Ministry of Defence and as a Researcher. Perfect for students who are thinking about studying Psychology further.

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