Day: 5 March 2021

  • Katie Vanneck-Smith – Co-founder and Publisher at Tortoise

    Katie Vanneck-Smith 05/03/21 KS4-5 / S4-6 Katie Vanneck-Smith, Co-founder and Publisher at Tortoise, shares her pathway to success and reflects on what she has learnt during her career. Katie was President of The Wall Street Journal & Dow Jones, where she led the company to over 3million subscribers. She has previously worked at the Telegraph […]

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  • Ella d’Amato – Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer at

    Ella d’Amato 02/03/21 KS3-5/S1-6 Ella d’Amato talks about what makes a great product and provides advice for those who are interested in pursuing a career in marketing. Ella was previously the CEO of Drum and is now responsible for making Not on the High Street the most attractive place to work, partner with and buy […]

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  • The King of Content: Introducing Jean-Patrick Cheylan

    The King of Content: Introducing Jean-Patrick Cheylan Chances are if you are under 25, you’ll struggle to remember life before social media – you may even struggle to recall a time before TikTok if you’re a teenager right now. But like it or not, these days social media plays an increasingly large role in shaping […]

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