Day: 30 April 2021

  • WRAP UK – Panel event for Green Skills Week

    29/04/21 WRAP UK – Panel event for Green Skills Week KS 4 – 5 / S4-6 Wondering how business can become more eco-friendly? WRAP is one of the globe’s leading sustainability charities. Hear from our panellists Julie Hill (Chair), Emma Hallett (Team Manager Collaborative Change Programme), Maria Stapleton (Behaviour Change Project Manager) & William McManus […]

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  • Sarah Breeden – Executive Director, Bank of England

    29/04/21 Sarah Breeden KS 4-5/S 4-6 Sarah speaks about the risk that climate change poses to financial institutions and reflects on her experiences of driving action on climate change forward. As Executive Director of the Bank of England, Sarah is currently responsible for supervising over 500 UK banks, building societies and credit unions and she […]

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