Apprenticeship Route to a Career in Law – DWF Law

Apprenticeship Route to a Career in Law – DWF Law 

Industry: Law

Target Area for Student Applications: UK wide

Date: 07/02/2023

Time: 09:30 am – 10:30 am

Ages: 14 – 19

Application Closing Date: 26/01/2023

Opportunity ID: PL-4010

Are you interested in following a career law ?  Would you like to know about the different routes available ?

During National Apprenticeship Week join international DWF Law at their “Routes to Law” virtual 1 hour Discovery Workshop session.

Join members of the Emerging Talent Team as they share their knowledge and experience via a panel discussion on the different routes into law. An opportunity to hear from current graduates, trainees and apprentices.

The session is designed for groups of students from across the UK to participate with teacher support. Teachers can request access for whole class or year groups and access will be provided for teachers to join with a group and facilitate in live Q&A engagement.

As well as supporting a young person`s employer engagements and insights in to industry the topics covered in this session support elements of PSHE curriculum.

DWF Law is a leading global provider of integrated legal and business services and employs over 4,000 people across 30 key locations and has steadily grown its international presence in response to client demand.

To book a workshop for your students please use the booking form.