NAW: Pick ‘n’ Mix – Discovering Apprenticeships with TrAC!

NAW: Pick ‘n’ Mix – Discovering Apprenticeships with TrAC! 

Industry: Government/Civil Service

Target Area for Student Applications: UK wide

Date: 07/02/2023

Time: 02:00 pm – 03:00 pm

Ages: 14-19

Application Closing Date: 20/01/2023

Opportunity ID: PL-4421

In support of National Apprenticeships Week 2023 TrAC will be delivering an hour workshop to provide understanding to what an apprenticeship is and getting some of their current apprentices to discuss their first-hand experiences!

The session will cover:

  • What is an apprenticeship, the skills, knowledge and behaviour required.
  • Traditional apprenticeships & non-traditional ones you wouldn’t expect; marketing, estate agents!
  • Perspectives from current apprentices.
  • Insight into the successful careers of individuals who took the apprenticeship pathway!

Apprenticeships are an incredible way to learn a new skill and earn at the same time rather than collecting huge student debt!

About TrAC

TrAC is a not-for-profit Flexi Job Apprenticeship Agency registered with the Department for Education, providing shared Apprenticeship opportunities to apprentices across the South East, East Midlands and the East of England. TrAC finds the work placements and provide the support that our apprentices need to gain the necessary workplace experience to achieve their qualifications.

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