There’s an App for that! – Academic Fish

There’s an App for that! – Academic Fish

Industry: Computing & IT

Target Area for Student Applications: UK wide

Date: 03/05/2023

Time: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Ages: 14-19

Application Closing Date: 19/04/2023

Opportunity ID: PL-4812

You might have a future plan, you might not!  You might be following your teachers or your parents plan, you might not.  Is the beauty in the planning?

We would love your students to join us at this workshop, to meet the team from Academic Fish who make the magic happen with our app that is used all over the world and who will discuss their job role in this new and exciting start-up tech business.

  • Welcome and introductions – Meet the Dream Team.
  • Company Overview – The founder of Academic Fish will tell her educational journey that, has led her to be an entrepreneur delighted with what she has developed and her experiences working nationally and internationally across many cultures.
  • Meet our our Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager who will talk about her educational choices that have helped her achieve her current position.
  • Meet our Systems Magician who who looks after our data, administration and financial files and overcomes her disability every day in a fast paced tech start up business.
  • Final Q&A and close the session

TEACHER GROUP BOOKINGS ONLY! Please use the link below to register your class for this Discovery Workshop and you will be contacted by the Speakers for Schools team who will provide login details for the Google Classroom so you can access the event. The Opportunity ID for this workshop is PL-4812.

To book a workshop for your students please use the booking form.