David Dein, former Arsenal Vice Chairman and football entrepreneur, at Coombe Boys School

David Dein delivered a talk at Coombe Boys School similar to his many talks with the charity, helping give transferable advice to students about the decisions or stresses they are facing at school. His experience meant that he was able to communicate the huge variety of sectors and job roles related to sport beyond being an athlete, and more generally the qualities needed for success.

The pupils heard about the formation of the Premier League after turbulence in the football world during the 80s before David went onto discuss the impact of television on football, and how the power of television revenue transformed the League into what it is today and where football might be headed in the future.

David’s candid description of modern football’s most high-profile events and general advice about success and entrepreneurship captured his audience. Being football-mad, the group was well-prepped to engage on the topic, resulting in an event that was enjoyed by all involved.