Planning Materials

Planning Materials

Please find our guides for all participants below, with key planning steps, timings for the event, talk themes and top tips from past speakers and schools for a successful, high-impact event. Talk details are agreed between the speaker and the school but please do not hesitate to contact our team for more suggestions, guidance and help.

Speaker Guidance

School Guidance

  • Schools: Preparation Guide¬†Information on the format, preparing students and themes to discuss with your speaker.
  • Q&A Prep Sheet for Students¬†This is to help students prepare for an interactive Q&A with the speaker, either in class or as homework.
  • On the Day Hosting Guide¬†¬†This gives a checklist and some helpful guidance on how to make the most of your talk on the day.
  • Student Feedback Form¬†Please download and print copies of this short form to hand out to students before they leave the event space. Scan and send to:¬†
  • SFS logo (Zip)¬†¬†For projector or event materials. Click the link, then right click and select ‚ÄėSave Image As‚Äô.