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Virtual Talks & Broadcasts

Virtual Talks & Broadcasts

Here at Speakers for Schools, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to give hard to reach students access to top opportunities.

We’re excited to announce that, as part of that effort, we’ve launched our Virtual Talks and Broadcast Programme.

The SFS Virtual Talks programme allows speakers to remotely connect with students in classrooms and share their unique insights and advice with young people. A SFS virtual talk is generally between one speaker from the network who is paired with one school to deliver a talk with Q&A via a video calling platform. SFS have found that schools generally use Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Meet. You can find information on planning a virtual talk here

The SFS Broadcast programme consists of a timetable of curated content that will be livestreamed to young people studying at home and those still attending school.

In the academic year, 2020-21 the Speakers for Schools Inspiration Team will host virtual webinar talks a few times throughout the year, do look out on our upcoming talks page for regular updates from our speaker network. These events will run outside of typical school hours and will be one-way video webinar style as we have previously put on for students during the coronavirus lockdown.

We’re delighted to have been able engage with over 80,000 young people, across the UK, via our Broadcasts! 

If you would like to apply to host speakers through Speakers for Schools, please apply here.



Actor, Director & Producer, Stagereel Films

Josie Rourke

Film and Theatre Director


President of the Institute of Mathematics

Lady Nicola Mendelsohn2

Vice President for EMEA, Facebook

Why Try Virtual Talks & Broadcasts?



Virtual Talks overcomes physical barriers to schools and young people to access influential speakers anywhere in the country.



Virtual Talks allows for additional impact alongside on-site talks, to connect all schools with a wider and more diverse range of our speakers right across the country.


As a charity, we are focused on ensuring young people and schools have great experiences and free access to our services to ensure a level playing field and meaningful outcomes.

Customer Services


We recognise that you will have many questions. This is why we will work closely with you to ensure you’re supported every step of the way to ensure a great talk!

our Virtual Talks programme supports...

Young People

We give young people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to eye-opening school talks from leading speakers.

Schools and Colleges

We help educators connect their students with inspirational virtual talks from societal leaders and expert speakers

Societal Leaders

We work with leaders and expert figures to coordinate inspirational virtual talks to reach young people and schools that need these opportunities the most across the country.

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