Alan Bishop – Creative Careers as told by an industry leader

”The creative industries benefit from diversity”

Alan Bishop has had an extensive career in the creative sector, starting in advertising working for Saatchi & Saatchi.

Now the CEO of the Creative Industries Federation, a membership body that represents the UK’s fast-growing sector, Alan is well placed to speak about the value of working in the creative sector.

“When I was your age, I went to a similar school to this.”

“…and I had no idea what I was going to do (after school).”


Visiting Heath End School in Surrey, Alan’s talk comes as part of a new campaign, Creative Careers Programmedesigned to spark the link between young people and the sector by raising awareness about the wealth of careers available.

The campaign aims to reach 160,000 students by March 2020 and will be delivered by the Creative Industries FederationScreen Skills and Creative and Cultural Skills, in partnership with Speakers for Schools and the Careers and Enterprise Company.

“I’m here today to encourage you to think about a career in the creative industries.”

“The creative industries benefit from diversity – it’s about encouraging everyone to come.”

“Demand for creative skills is on the rise”

“There are 2 million jobs in the creative sector – higher than the financial sector and the aerospace industry.”

Comprising of 12 sub-sectors including architecture, publishing, museums, galleries and libraries, video games, and crafts; the sector is expansive.

“There’s so much that makes up the creative world from architecture to publishing. The array of jobs that are related are widespread.”

“Plus, demand for creative skills is on the rise.”


Creativity is often cited as one the most sought after skills in the future world of work, with ‘creative jobs’ predicted to be the least affected by automation – and Alan had some advice for getting your foot in the door.

“Make yourself stand out; think about how to match up your interests with the next thing that you study.”

“I have genuinely loved working in the creative sector and I hope I’ve inspired you to consider I too.”

Many thanks to Alan Bishop and Heath End School!
The Creative Careers Programme is an industry-wide initiative to inspire young people about the wealth of careers opportunities across the creative sector. Delivered by the Creative Industries Federation, Speakers for Schools has partnered with the campaign to help connect industry leaders with state school students across England.
Find out what we’re doing as part of this campaign here.