Ever wondered why creative work experience is important?

‘It’s opened my eyes to the world of theatre’
Ana, 15

‘I thought it’s just a theatre…but it’s actually so much more than that’
Shania, 15

‘This is a brilliant opportunity for me to find out different aspects of the industry’
Kewin, 16

The versatility and variety of roles across the creative sector is awe inspiring. But so many of these roles go unnoticed because young people don’t know about the wealth of roles available.

That’s why the Creative Careers Programme was set up – to connect young people to the creative sector. Speakers for Schools has been bought on board as part of the programme to link state school students to the sector, through our VIP school talks programme with industry leaders and work experience programme, S4SNextGen.

S4SNextGen connects young people without access to prestigious organisations, helping to build pathways to the top via an online portal, all for free.

We checked in with the National Theatre to see what our students had learnt during their work experience placements.

What they had to say might surprise you!


To find out more about leading and influential figures taking part in our unique school talks or supporting hosting work experience as part of this campaign, please get in touch with our Programme Manager, Carly Wilkinson for an exploratory conversation: Carly.Wilkinson@Speakers4Schools.org 
You can keep up to date with the campaign on its dedicated Twitter page.