Making it work – How speakers can address multiple schools on the same day

Delroy Beverley, one of our most committed and passionate Speakers for Schools speakers recently spoke in multiple schools on the same day.

Delroy is passionate about the work he does with us, and about supporting students to aim high and achieve their dreams. As one of our most popular speakers, he delivers highly motivated presentations through inspiring talks to schools across the UK. This includes sharing his own personal journey, and professional experiences to motivate and inspire young people.

Delroy recently visited both Liverpool and Derby, speaking to students at multiple schools in both cities across two days. In his Life Lessons talk, he drew upon his “lived experiences” in order to motivate and inspire students, and to get them thinking about what their next step will be – whether it’s studying for exams or leaving school to go into the workplace.

Janice McKean, Inclusion Manager at the Holy Family Catholic School in Sefton, Merseyside, said, “The school hall was silent while students listened intensively, capturing every word, especially when he talked about his life experiences and his fight and determination to succeed.” As a speaker, drawing on your own experiences as Delroy does can be a really good way for students to relate to you as a speakerThis was evident based on the number of student’s lining up to speak with him after each session. It was humbling to see.

In Derby and Liverpool, Delroy focused his talk on self-belief and learning – it helped students consider how school can help them with their journey to success, and gave them an insight into how they can achieve their goals, both in school and beyond.

Gemma Smith, Curriculum Lead for PSHE at the Frederick Gent School in Derbyshire, said, “Delroy’s talk was brilliant and really had an impact on our pupils, particularly those who are often disengaged with learning…they all left feeling much more positive and confident about their own futures.”

Delroy talked students through both his life and career path, from his humble beginnings to being the first in his family to study at both, Oxford and Cambridge University. His appointment as the first ever BME chair of a European international business school, to his current role as Executive Director of one of the UK’s biggest housing organisations.

He also explained that in his job, there’s no such thing as a typical day and left students with some advice to mull over – “Be clear about your direction.” “Be curious – those who succeed are often the most curious about the things they understand the least.” “Be open and present – don’t be afraid to throw yourself into diverse experiences, opportunities and relationships.” “Look inwards – take the time to find out who you are and what you stand for”, and finally, “Put the hours in and expect excellence.”

A big thank you to Delroy for giving up his time to speak to hundreds of students – and thank you to all the schools for hosting. We look forward to working with you all this academic year.

When we asked what drives him so much, his response was;

“Being an active Speakers for Schools speaker has formalised what I have always felt – that I belong here and it’s become my journey of life’s work.” – Delroy Beverley CCMI, MIoD

If you are an S4S speaker who is interested in coordinating more than one talk per day, please drop us a line at to discuss how this could work for your diary.