Net-Zero – A golden ticket for Youth Employment?

Net-Zero – A golden ticket for Youth Employment?

Source:, 9 April 2021

#GreenSkillsWeek – Shining a spotlight on the green economy and opening the minds of young people to the jobs available

No one can dispute that the pandemic has played havoc with lives and livelihoods by disrupting employment and education, and threatening the foundations of our economy. But as we have seen before, disruption on such a massive scale provides an opportunity to challenge those things which we have accepted as the norm and catalyse change.

Although the UK became the first major economy to pass laws on bringing all greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050, back in June 2019, it is the pandemic that has truly cemented our ambitions to protect the planet and confront climate change. With the lack of domestic and foreign travel, paired with the inability to shop and consume food or goods in the same way we used to, we have started to reevaluate how we think and live.

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