The Tortoise Education Summit. Is it time for a revolution in learning?

The Tortoise Education Summit. Is it time for a revolution in learning?

25th June, 08.15am – 4.45pm

Speakers for Schools is delighted to invite you to join us at the Tortoise Education Summit. Please see an invite for SFS schools and colleges below, we hope to ‘see’ you there!

Join the biggest names in education as well as students, teachers and employers from around the world to debate the future of learning. We all thought that the academic year was as immovable as Christmas. But Covid-19 changed everything. Then the Black Lives Matter protests exploded and now people are questioning not just how we learn, but what we learn.

So on Thursday 25 June, I’m delighted to invite you to the Tortoise Education Summit – a day of exploring the future of education.

Even before these momentous weeks, there were nagging questions about our education system and its fitness for the 21st Century and beyond. Are exams really the best measure of human ability? Are our curricula right for the difficult years to come when climate change, sustainable economics and basic kindness will be pivotal? Should schools help people be happy, as well as economically productive?

Revolutions can be born of disruption. Is now the time for a radical rethink?

Join us for the first ever Tortoise Education Summit on Thursday 25 June. One ticket gives you access to all the sessions at the summit but, just like an in-person conference, you can join for as much or as little as you like on the day.

Help us to capture the lessons of Covid-19, call out the long-standing structural problems that we’ve been too scared to touch and consider the potential for a better future education system.

We have some amazing speakers from around the world: Andreas Schleicher, director of education from the OECD; Pasi Sahlberg, the Finnish educationalist; Cami Anderson, the former Newark high school superintendent; the former higher education minister Jo Johnson and Lord Bob Kerslake, previously head of the civil service. Chris Cook, our partner and editor and previously policy editor at Newsnight, will be helping host the event along with Polly Curtis, previously education editor at the Guardian and George the Poet is now closing the event

Sessions include:

  • Which is the best education system in the world?Reformers from the OECD, Finland and the Global South make their case.
  • Should we abolish exams?Some argue the testing regime is past its sell-by date and there needs to be a better way to assess human abilities.
  • How do we break the link between inequality and educational outcomes? Exam results across the world are tightly linked to social class and poverty. Why is this and how can we make education systems fairer?
  • How can we plan for the death of the job for life?What are the changes in society and the economy that demand re-skilling for longer working lives?
  • Can – and should – we train people to be happy? What should be on the curriculum for the future: traditional subjects, climate activism or happiness training?

Plus Keynote on Black Lives Matter and education to be announced.