Ahmet Ahmet

Ahmet Ahmet

Former Outreach Director, The Stage

I began my career as a West-End actor in shows like Mama Mia and other World tours. After 16 years, working as a Turkish born Londoner I began to transition my work.

As a director, assistant and youth project leader or teacher, I have been involved in a variety of productions. From assisting at Chichester Festival Theatre to directing a youth company at the Deptford Albany. This has meant that I understand the dramaturgical process that leads to making all kinds of theatre work. My collaborative nature and my passion for leadership has meant I have successfully led creative projects. This is evident in setting up my youth theatre company, Take Flight in lewisham, as well as overseeing TIE projects. Also my background is education gives me a strong ability to lead powerful theatre workshops.

As Outreach Director at The Stage I have shown strong skills in establishing partnerships and working under pressure with overseeing the new Get Into Theatre project. Using my vision and passion for a more diverse theatre industry, I lead with my ability to financially budget, strategise and meet deadlines. I also play a key role in shaping the project and its vision of change for theatre.

My work as a Head of School has made me think very deeply about how to motivate my team and has given me confidence in leading a successful team. My developmental, nurturing attributes allow me to make a loyal team that work hard under pressure because they join me in my mission.