Ben Dyson

Director of NHS Group


Ben is currently the interim Programme Director responsible for coordinating the development of a new People Plan for the NHS. This will set out how to provide great jobs and careers for everyone working in the NHS, how to improve the leadership culture of the NHS, how to improve recruitment and retention of staff across the NHS, and how to support new ways of working to improve quality of care.

From 2016 to 2019, Ben was Executive Director of Strategy for NHS Improvement, helping to identify how to improve the support for NHS hospitals, mental health services, community health services and ambulance services – and how to break down traditional barriers between GPs and hospitals, physical and mental health, and health and social care.

Ben has previously worked in policy and strategy roles, ranging across the NHS, public health and social care, at the Department of Health and at NHS England. His work has included areas such as improving access to GP services, introducing a greater range of 7-day NHS services, and devolving greater health responsibilities to local areas such as Greater Manchester. From 2007 to 2012, Ben also led the Department of Health’s work to champion improvements in health and healthcare for people with learning disabilities.