Charlotte Ransom

CEO, Netwealth Investments & Vice President, Save the Children


Charlotte Ransom has spent the past 28 years in different areas of finance, most recently as co-founder and CEO of a FinTech (financial technology) business providing online wealth management services to the UK consumer. Charlotte studied modern languages at Bristol University from 1983-87 before joining JP Morgan on their analyst training programme. After 5 years at JP Morgan, she was headhunted by the American investment bank Goldman Sachs (GS), which she joined in 1992. Charlotte spent almost two decades at GS, seeing it go through its IPO in 1999 and being part of its phenomenal growth during the 90’s and 2000’s. At GS she spent 10 years running different areas in the Fixed Income, Currency and Commodity division, then a further 5 years managing new businesses in the Equities division. During this time Charlotte worked with clients ranging across the board including Banks, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, Asset Managers and Private Banks in many aspects of their investments and asset management. In 2007 she moved Divisions to join the Investment Management Division where she was one of three partners running the Private Banking operations for Europe, Middle East and Asia, working with the most significant pools of private wealth in the regions. Charlotte was made partner in 2002 and retired from GS in December 2011. Since then Charlotte has been exploring the impact of digital technology on different industries including finance, food and sport. Since early 2015, she has focused her time on developing an online investment management service – Netwealth – to be launched to the market in Spring 2016. The vision is to bring together some of the most compelling aspects of asset management, financial engineering and technology in order to provide wealth management in a more user friendly, accessible and low cost form than is currently available. During her time in finance, Charlotte has developed and headed numerous new businesses in response to rapidly changing client needs and led through multiple periods of significant financial volatility. She is married with 4 children, is a Vice President of Save the Children and is a keen runner in her spare time.