Cindy Rose OBE

Cindy Rose OBE

‎President, Microsoft Western Europe

Cindy is focused on delivering Microsoft’s mission to empower every person and organisation on the planet to achieve more. With the world on the cusp of a fourth industrial revolution, driven by technologies such as AI, cloud computing and mixed reality, Cindy is committed to helping people and businesses alike across the UK realise the benefits of the new technologies that will have an impact on all our lives in the future.

Cindy believes it is a myth that you need to be a coder, or brilliant at maths, to succeed in technology. Having passion and creativity is key to helping us solve the world’s problems through technology, and there are plenty of routes to a career in tech as well as a great number of opportunities.

As CEO of Microsoft UK, Cindy is responsible for all Microsoft’s product, service and support offerings across the UK, continuing the company’s transformation into the leading productivity and platform company for the mobile-first, cloud-first era. Prior to joining Microsoft, Cindy held senior management roles at Vodafone, Virgin Media and The Walt Disney Company. She is also a Non-Executive Director of Informa.

Cindy is a graduate of Columbia University and New York Law School. She is married with four children, and loves playing tennis, travelling with her family, and good food and wine.