Clare Gregorio

Clare Gregorio

Head of Retail Partnerships, Tesco

I have worked for Tesco for 33 years. I started in Tesco part time whilst I was doing my A levels.  I then took a break in service to go and work at Camp America for a few months. After which, I returned to work full time at Tesco and have continued to do a wide and varied range of roles throughout my career. These have included operational, financial and international roles.  

Tesco has been my university and as I left school, coming straight into Tesco, they have supported me in getting a degree during this time so I now have a professional qualification in procurement and supply. I am really passionate about career progression both laterally and vertically, along with helping colleagues to realise and achieve their strengths and ambitions by being self-aware and being their best self.

My key strengths and expertise include: having a retail operations background, global sourcing experience of property & corporate products and services, international living and working for 19 months in Thailand and Malaysia and supplier and partner relationship management both internally and externally.  I have broad leadership & network across various levels so would be classed as a generalist.

Resilience, determination and self-drive would be my key attributes and how I would describe myself as having lots of!