David Fisher

David Fisher

Investment Director, Edge Investments

David is an experienced private equity and venture capital specialist and an Investment Director at Edge Investments, bringing market-leading investment expertise to companies in our portfolio, with a focus on technology and disruptive companies David led the Edge Creative Enterprise Fund’s first investment in video marketplace platform Newsflare and sits on the board of that company and of Antidote Productions.

David has 20 years’ experience in consulting, corporate finance, private equity, venture capital and VCTs, including investing in innovative UK companies in media and media technology.

Between 1993 and 2000, he worked in strategy consulting and corporate finance at Deloitte and KPMG, following which he moved into venture capital fund management at Elderstreet Investments, where he invested in a range of technology, services, telecoms and new media companies. In 2004, he joined the South East Growth Fund, where he invested in similar small enterprises, including businesses in areas such as embedded advertising in video and mobile content management for the music industry.

The investments with which he has personally been involved have to date generated an overall money multiple return of 2.33.