Professor Louise Robson

Professor of digital innovation in learning and teaching


I have been at the University of Sheffield since 1996, teaching and doing research into human physiology, i.e. how the human body functions. My main area of interest lies with the disease cystic fibrosis, which teach to our undergraduate students, together with other related areas of physiology. I have been involved with schools for over 10 years, working locally within South Yorkshire and on a national basis. I have delivered lectures for the Royal Institution, run events during National Science Week and have worked with Sheffield Museums. I originally started working with the primary sector, particularly years 5 to 6, and then expended to cover secondary level, particularly the sixth form. My subject areas include the heart and lungs at primary level and genes, disease and ion channels at secondary level. In addition I have been one of the ‘Boffins’ on Radio Sheffield, answering biology questions from the public. I have also been chair of the Education Committee at the Physiological Society (, driving forward work on education in schools and the general public. I am a National Teaching Fellow, recognised for my work on how digital technologies support student learning. My ethos is that as scientists we need to get out into schools and enthuse the next generation, showing them how exciting science is. Of course doing these types of events is really great fun for everyone, including me, and is extremely rewarding.