Dr Martin Coath

Freelance Scientist, Communicator, and Associate Lecturer (Plymouth University)


Dr Martin Coath has been developing collaborative projects with people from a wide cross section of different disciplines for more than 30 years. His aim is to get everyone involved in the wider debate about science and art, research and creativity and what it means to be a citizen of a technologically advanced and creative human community. His published papers are in the fields of neuroscience, neuromorphic engineering, transdisciplinary research and education.

Most recently he has worked on climate change research as part of EU funded Blue-Action project at the University of Lapland and Danish Meteorological Institute. In parallel he develops and delivers a range of workshops as Associate Lecturer in the Doctoral College at Plymouth University, and acts as academic advisor to a number of smaller projects.

He has worked in the national print and broadcast media, at science festivals, in schools, in the academic community, and elsewhere in the public domain. He is an award winning STEM ambassador, Famelab finalist, and twice winner of ‘I’m a Scientist Get Me Out of Here!’.