Dr Noemie Lopian

Holocaust Educator and Campaigner


Holocaust survivors Dr Ernst Israel Bornstein and Renee Bornstein. Noemie lived in Germany until the age of 13 before moving to Manchester, England. She qualified as a GP and for the last few years has dedicated her time to educating and commemorating the Holocaust, continuing the legacy of her parents. She spent three years translating her father Ernst’s book from German ,Die Lange Nacht ,into English ,The Long Night (The Toby Press: 2016). ​The Long Night has been featured on BBC radio and television and ITV News, in addition to articles and reviews in The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Express, The Jewish News and The Jewish Chronicle.
More recently Nov 20 her mother Renee’s story was featured on BBC1 ( now available on YouTube episode 2) in “My Family , The Holocaust and Me . “
Renee and Noemie also featured in Jan 21 in The Mail on Sunday YOU Magazine

www.dailymail.co.ukMothers and Daughters: ‘Mama’s past rips into my very soul’
As well as Woman’s Hour https://bbc.in/3oioIuM