Dr Victoria Harrington

Director of Strategic Change and Performance, Essex Police


Dr Harrington is a civilian member of the Chief Officer team at Essex Police and is the Director of Strategic Change and Performance. Dr Harrington has worked in the private and public sectors and in a policing environment for more than fifteen years.

Working as a Principal Researcher in the Research, Development and Statistics Directorate of the Home Office, Vicki conducted and published primary research on crime and policing. Vicki then joined Kent Police where she worked in a number of roles.

As Head of Corporate Development she acted as principal advisor to the Chief Officer team with responsibility for strategic planning and performance, research, analysis and consultation and inspection and governance. She was responsible for developing the Kent Crime and Victimisation Survey which was accredited by the Home Office and instrumental in the force’s successful bid to avoid merger with other forces.

After successfully completing the Strategic Command Course in 2011, Vicki joined Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC). She held several Programme Director roles during which time she conducted a national review of police collaboration and inspections of police authorities’ preparedness for the transition to Police and Crime Commissioners throughout England and Wales. Vicki also directed HMIC’s engagement and consultation strategy with newly elected local policing bodies.

Vicki was a principal architect of HMIC’s new approach to inspecting and assessing forces – the police, effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy (PEEL) assessment. She had responsibility for developing and directing this new approach to the inspection and assessment of all police forces in England and Wales. This included managing the organisation wide change programme and stakeholder engagement and consultation.

Following successful publication of the first PEEL assessment in 2014, Vicki took up the role of Head of Research, Development and Business Improvement overseeing HMIC’s analytical function and the development of future PEEL assessments. She has led the design and implementation of HMIC’s single corporate inspection and assessment methodology for PEEL 2015/2016 and has responsibility for publication of an annual rounded assessment for each police force.

Vicki has a first class honours degree in Geography and a PhD from Kent University. She is a qualified teacher and has experience of lecturing in higher education as well as teaching in schools. She has two grown-up children.

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