Eddy Leviten

Eddy Leviten

Chief Operating Officer, FACT Worldwide& Former Director General, Alliance for IP

Eddy has over 25 years of experience in intellectual property, content protection, political lobbying, and the creative industries.

His current role is Chief Operating Officer of FACT, responsible for business operations (investigations, due diligence, content protection, and digital forensics) for clients globally, including broadcasters, sports rights owners, major law firms, and financial services businesses.

His previous role was Director General of the Alliance for Intellectual Property, where he worked to drive policy across a range of IP related issues, ensuring that there is a legislative regime that helps realise the value and contribution of IP rights in the UK and in export markets globally. He was also previously Head of Corporate Communications for Sanctuary Group , a large independent music company, whose roster ranged from Elton John and Beyoncé to Iron Maiden and The Who.

FACT was formed in 1983 to protect the content, product and interests of the film and television industries and are regarded as the leaders in intellectual property protection. Its vast experience in intelligence-gathering led to an expansion to provide global due diligence and investigations services. We meet the needs of governments, law enforcement and private organisations in mitigating risk and making informed decisions.