Emily Plunkett

Archaeology and Heritage Advisor, HS2 Ltd


I grew up watching a TV show called Time Team which inspired me to want to follow a career in archaeology and find out more about what was under the ground all around us.
I did this through seeking our geography, biology, and medieval history A levels, followed by a Degree in Archaeology at the University of Reading. I chose Reading because it had an amazing field school for the students to teach you all about how to do archaeological fieldwork. I spent many happy summers digging up the Roman town at Silchester, Hampshire, before graduating and immediately going to work for a large archaeology unit for 8 years. At the archaeology unit I learned how to be an archaeological surveyor, how to manage excavations, and how to use computer software to visualise archaeological sites and buildings. As well as digging a lot of cool archaeology as well. I then moved into consultancy and eventually joined the HS2 project in 2018.
In HS2 I work mainly to help deliver the environmental assessment through management of specialist authors, collaboration with other topics and engineers, and through keeping Historic England and local authority specialists informed about our work. Working as part of a team and listening to others a very important in my role. I love that I get to learn so much from so many people.