Heather Nelson

Heather Nelson

Medical Director, Black Health Initiative - Leeds

I am the Chief Executive Officer of the award winning charity Black Health Initiative (BHI). A community engagement organization with its main office based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Working regionally, nationally and developing its international work. Working in partnership with statutory
and private sector service providers and working with and for diverse communities. Winning the
National Diversity Awards – Race, Religion and Ethnicity 2021 and awarded an QAV (Queens Award
for the Voluntary Sector) the equivalent to an MBE for the Vountary, Community and Social
Enterprise sector June 2022.

I arrived at BHI with over 30 years within the Third Sector with an emphasis on Equality Diversity and
Inclusion (EDI). Influencing decision makers on equality and equity ensuring this is a cross-cutting
theme through all policies, practices and procedures which impacts on all citizen within our society.
I have presided over Adult Crime cases within the West Yorkshire Region for over 21 years as a
Magistrate, resigning in 2021.

I am proud to announce that I became one of the first Industry Professionals within the PRS
Foundation equality programme Power-Up. Supporting and developing those from diverse
communities who often face challenges and barriers within the music industry. As Lead Coordinator and organizer of Black Music Festival I am able to incorporate my position of Industry
Professional to make a difference. Black Music Festival was highlighted as the “Fastest growing free
festival in Europe” in the Festival, a European magazine.

Being a member of the national NHS Race and Health Observatory strengthens the impact I am able
to make around narrowing health disparities and making a real positive difference within the sector.
Always ready to be involved in supporting and developing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion initiatives as this is my passion.

Guest speaker as part of NHS75 talk series.