James Best

Chairman, Credos


A career in advertising: joined a small agency in 1975, fresh from Oxford with a History degree, and never left. Finished as chairman for 10 years of what was then the UK’s second-biggest and most admired agency, and then various international roles and Chief People & Strategy Officer (what a title!) of its parent global network, DDB.
Chairman of the UK Advertising Association 1997-2002; European Association of Communications Agencies 2003-05. Fellow of the IPA (and RSA).
Retired from full-time work in 2007. Served on the Advertisng Standards Authority Council 2007-11, became chairman of CAP and BCAP, the advertising rule-setting bodies, in 2011. Still am. Plus am chair of an advertising think-tank, Credos and a specialist broadcast agency, BDA. Am a trustee of two charities: The History of Advertising Trust and The Deborah Hutton campaign, which runs a competition and national awards for school children to make ant-smoking ‘ads’ for their peers — Cut Films. Part-time farmer. Married. Father of three, grandfather of one (so far).