Jeremy Thomas

Jeremy Thomas

Author, Award-winning TV Producer & Mental Health Campaigner

Jeremy Thomas is an author, speaker and award-winning TV producer. As a result of overcoming his own battle with bipolar disorder he co-wrote ‘You Don’t Have to Be Famous to Have Manic Depression – An A-Z Guide to Good Mental Health’ and co-produced with Dr. Tony Hughes the Emmy Award winning documentary ‘Stephen Fry, The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive’

Jeremy reaches out to students in schools, colleges and universities in an attempt to normalise the subject of mental illness and take the Hammer Horror out of old perceptions.

The talks are based around Jeremy’s own experience of dealing with depression, addiction, manic depression and offer a series of practical and useful honest tips on how to stay mentally healthy and get the best out of life. Never forgetting the seriousness of his subject, he often demonstrates in a humorous way why prevention is far better than cure.

He draws on his extensive experience including twenty years spent working in the music business alongside a diverse range of artists ranging from John Williams to the Levellers, James Brown, and the Gregorian Chant to Acid Jazz. In 1990 he set up the first joint venture record company in the Soviet Union. He has been writing screenplays and novels since the late 90’s. Taking Leave, his first novel was published in 2007 by Timewell Press and voted book of the month by BBC Radio 5. Jeremy believes that the process of writing novels has many similarities with maintaining good mental heath.

The aim of the Jeremy’s talks is to leave students and teachers with a lasting impression that mental health is as important as physical health and to dispel any sense of shame or embarrassment that they or others might have on the subject.

Jeremy Thomas’ latest crime novel, The Santa Monica Suicide Club, is about a British private investigator hunting down a body parts gang in LA and is due to be published next year.