Lennox Cato DL

Lennox Cato DL

Dealer in Antiques

I was adopted as a baby by a family of antique dealers and grew up within the world of buying and selling. I decided to make this the way for me to earn a living and embarked on my own business when I left school. I have always been extremely ambitious and have taken my business onto a different level than the way my parents dealt. I still have to pinch myself that I am now a regular contributor on the Antiques Roadshow, something that as a 16 year old watching with my family on a Sunday evening would never have happened! I have listened and learnt throughout my career, and feel proud of my achievements.
My journey on this path started in Brighton, I then moved to Lewes, East Sussex and in 1997 moved to Edenbridge where I still have my business. My wife has always worked alongside me and I am very fortunate to be able to have someone by my side to help me grow my business.
We have two children, now grown up, and both working for themselves although not in my industry. However, they both work in fields they are extremely passionate about. They were fortunate to find their passion.

Since I have lived and worked in Edenbridge I became a Town Councillor, was Chairman of the Sports Association, helped with school football practice and was a school governor. I have always taken an interest in local activities to support our local town.

In recent years I have become a member of the Company of Art Scholars and have taken part in motivational talks at a state school through my membership of this Livery Company.

Over the past 20 years I have presented talks to various society’s and groups including schools.