Mark McArthur-Christie

MD, Freeman Christie Limited


Mark McArthur-Christie is fascinated by the way organisations communicate. Not in terms of their PR, marketing or advertising, but their ‘hidden’ communications – the everyday, functional communications with customers, staff and stakeholders.

These operational communications are far more powerful, because they show what organisations really think – how much they really care for customers or value staff. Mark works with organisations to make them human, clear, effective and cost-effective.

He co-founded his first communications business in 2002 from a borrowed office in EC3 and now, with his firm Rubuss, works with Aston Martin, Grosvenor, Equiniti, The Electoral Commission and a range of charities.

Mark is also a published Oxford University Press author, with nine books, including a history of communications, in publication. He is currently researching and compiling a book on WWII military and civil defence installations in the Cotswolds and has just finished a book and curating an exhibition on WWII RAF Airfields.

Mark has a degree in Philosophy and Classics from University College, Cardiff,

He plays real (not lawn) tennis rather badly and spends too much time trying to make old German and Russian motorcycles work.