Paul Carolan

Managing Director, Archipelo


Paul got into media after seeing his older cousin (ex-CEO of a creative agency) driving a Porsche at 28 and wearing an expensive green suit. He started his own career at Capital Radio wearing a much cheaper green suit and driving a Renault 19, but has since flourished in his career working on brands such as BBC Worldwide, Classic FM, Virgin Radio, and Microsoft. Paul then became a Consultant at Clear Channel UK, and Advisor to the Board at The LadBible Group before joining leading brand mobile advertising company Widespace.

During his first training course, he was taught that ‘People buy people’ and it is a mantra that he has built his career around ever since. That led him ultimately to re-train earlier this year to become a Personal & Business Coach, working directly with individuals and companies to help them grow. As well as being a qualified coach, Paul is also the Managing Director of leading industry coaching company Archipelo.

He is also known in the industry as ‘the furniture guy’ after briefly leaving media to set up a furniture design company with his brother. The Gallery of Wonderful was launched into Selfridges London.