Paul Tucker

Senior Investment Analyst & Partner of Egerton Capital


Paul is a partner at Egerton Capital, a leading hedge fund/investment manager based in London. He helps manage a portfolio of global equities, as well as sitting on the firm’s investment and management committees. Paul was born in Cardiff and attended a state comprehensive school, leaving in 1985 with very little idea of what to do with his career. Over time, Paul became attracted to working in the City of London. He returned to college to sit his A levels, gained a first class degree in Economics and began his City career in 1993. After working for 2 years with the accountancy firm, EY, winning several prizes for top performance in his professional examinations, Paul joined the now defunct Lehman Brothers, before spending 11 years at Merrill Lynch, ending as a Managing Director in charge of emerging markets research. For more than 12 years, Paul has been a partner at Egerton Capital, enjoying a front row view of the losses, victims and also the opportunities presented by the global financial crisis. Paul travels frequently to most parts of the world, seeking out and monitoring investments. He spends a large amount of time questioning the CEOs and other managers of world-leading companies, as well as working with politicians, central bankers and regulators. Paul’s spare time is spent with his family, riding motorcycles and flying helicopters, and learning to play the piano. He is actively engaged in several philanthropic ventures – chiefly around youth opportunity and education.