Philip Spence

Chief Operating Officer, The British Library


Phil Spence is Chief Operating Office of the British Library, the research Library of the UK and a national top ten visitor attraction. He is responsible for the services of the Library, finance, human resources, commercial income, information technology, estates, safety and security. Phil has been a Director in the public and private sectors since 2000, leading major transformations in a wide range of organisations in more than 20 countries. A graduate of Nottingham University where he studied Applied Psychology he has a strong interest in managing change and building teams. He was Director of Operations for the Scottish Ambulance Service where he managed 4000 staff, 1500 vehicles and seven aircraft at 150 locations . He was also a Director or senior management consultant with PWC, the Capita Group and DAI Inc based in the USA. His first employment was with the Ministry of Defence RAF Research Branch – Psychology unit where he studies for a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology. He attended comprehensive education in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.