Professor Noreena Hertz

Professor Noreena Hertz

Academic, Economist, Author

Noreena Hertz is a renowned thought leader with an impressive track record in predicting global trends. Her best-selling books, The Silent Takeover, IOU:The Debt Threat and Eyes Wide Open, are published in 23 countries. Her latest book, The Lonely Century, will come out in 2020.

Noreena advises a select group of the world’s leading business and political figures on strategy, economic and geo-political risk, artificial intelligence, digital transformation, millennials and post-millennials, and sits on the board of Warner Music Group. Previously, Noreena served on Citigroup’s Politics and Economics Global Advisory Board and RWE’s Digital Transformation Board.

The Observer has named her as “one of the world’s leading thinkers”, Vogue has named her “one of the world’s most inspiring women.” Her thinking served as the inspiration for Bono’s Product (RED). She has featured as the Cover Story of Newsweek.

Noreena graduated from university when she was 19 years old. Within four years she was advising the Russian government on its economic reforms and investors on M&A transactions as the Russian economy opened up to capitalism. At the age of 29, Noreena was working with the governments of Israel, Egypt, Palestine and Jordan on the role economics could play in the Middle East peace process.

A regular commentator in print globally, Noreena’s opinion pieces have appeared in publications including The New York Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post, The Financial Times, Die Zeit, El Pais, The South China Morning Post and The Wall Street Journal. She makes frequent television appearances around the world including on flagship shows such as BBC’s Question Time, China’s CWTV and CBS’ This Morning, has hosted her own show on Sirius XM (the United States’ biggest radio network with 64 million listeners), and served as ITV News Economics Editor where she led ITV’s economics coverage through a fascinating, fast-paced period that included the Brexit Referendum and a General Election.

Noreena is frequently sought after as a Keynote Speaker and Event Chair. She has given Keynote Speeches at TED, The World Economic Forum in Davos and Google Zeitgeist as well as for leading global corporations, sharing platforms with such luminaries as President Bill Clinton, Professor Stephen Hawking and David Beckham amongst others.

Noreena has a PhD from Cambridge University and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Having spent 10 years at the University of Cambridge as Associate Director of the Centre for International Business and Management, in 2014 she moved to University College London where she is an Honorary Professor.