Robert Fox

Robert Fox

Defence Editor & Commentator, Evening Standard

Robert was a Journalist for fifty four years and is currently the  Defence & Security Editor, Foreign Commentator and Reviewer at The Evening Standard, Hon Fellow Strategic Studies Institute Exeter, Associate Fellow Centre for Defence Studies KCL, Commentator and Foreign Affairs Reporter Reaction.

Robert has been a Broadcaster and writer for numerous outlets, including BBC, Sky, ITV, LBC, Times Radio, Monocle 24. He was the Commissioner, Commonwealth War Graves Commission, 2012 – 2018. 

Robert worked for the Daily Telegraph as the Defence Corr, Chief Foreign Corr 1987 -1997 and reported on Iraq 91, Balkans, Middle East, Afghanistan. He worked for the BBC from 1968 – 1987 and reported on wars, elections, insurrections, IRA, Red Brigades, Falklands (1982), and The Middle East. He was a Guest Columnist at Corriere della Sera (Milan) in 1976/7.

Robert attended Magdalen College, Oxford and read Modern History Hons and has a PhD in Research Economic History from LSE.

Books: I Counted Them All Out (with Brian Hanrahan) 1982, Eyewitness Falklands (1982), Antarctica and South Atlantic, War Photography, Liners, The Inner Sea (1989 and 91), Eyewitness to History (4 Vol Folio Anthology 2014)

Recognitions MBE (South Atlantic List 1982), Officer (Ufficiale: Ordine della Stella d’Italia)  Order of the Star of Italy 2020, Churchill Fellow 1981/2, Overseas Press Club of America award 1982, Commended Sony Reporter of the Year 1982, Award Overseas Press Club of America 82/83, Commended Parma Prize, 1989, Colombini Cinelli Prize (Italy) 1992 and 95.