Rose Humphries

Associate Regional Manager, PohWer


I am a competent people manager and trainer with experience of working in Advocacy alongside the NHS, Voluntary Organisations and local community and voluntary organisations across various Local Authority areas in England. I value lifelong learning and development and during my working life I have developed excellent Management, Training and Communication skills, working with staff teams, clients and professionals at all levels. I am currently working as an Associate Regional Manager for POhWER, responsible for contract management and delivery of Statutory and non-Statutory Advocacy Services.

I am passionate about our work to support vulnerable people to be involved in decisions about them, our work is to support people to be heard, working with them to ensure their voices are heard and their lives empowered. POhWER exists to speak for those unable to speak for themselves, and to give power to their voices, so they can empower
their own lives. No-one deserves to go unheard… our purpose is to support people when they want or need to speak up. Ours is not an intention, it is a commitment.