Russell Brown

Russell Brown

Senior Partner & Architect, Hawkins/Brown

Russell Brown is 61 years old and has worked as an architect for nearly 40 years! And he still enjoys it!

Over the last 30 years, he has built up one of the largest architectural practices in the UK, employing over 200 people with offices in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Los Angeles.

He has spent his whole working life explaining to people what architects can do (if they do their job properly!) and how the whole design process can be shared with the people that will eventually use a building.

He passionately believes that we are all experts, but in different areas; and that the people that live in a particular area, use a particular building or have a highly specialised job, are the real experts and have a great deal to contribute to the layout of a building. He is clear that a really useful, popular and
good-looking building can only emerge from this collective design process.

Russell enjoys being an architect and although it takes a long time to qualify still thinks it is a worthwhile job. His son is training to be an architect, so he must have made it look like fun!

Before working in architecture, Russell Brown was a music journalist and wrote for Sounds Magazine. He still writes for various arts and architecture magazines including the Architect’s Journal, Architecture Today and Building Design. He has broadcast on BBC Radio. He has been a guest on BBC London Live’s Robert Elms show as their ‘Listed Londoner’, and more recently to talk about the need for affordable housing. He appeared on BBC1 talking about the influence of Picasso on contemporary architecture as part of the Great Masters Series, and on Breakfast TV.

He remains well known as an architectural commentator, and lectures regularly at Schools of Architecture. He contributed to the book “Salt Bridges: Changing Perceptions of Art, Architecture and Science”, “Ideas Exchange: The Collaborative Studio of HawkinsBrown” and to the recent “Housing Design Handbook”.