Shefaly Yogendra

Non-Executive Director/Governance, Risk, Tech & Decision Making Specialist


Shefaly Yogendra, PhD is an internationally experienced strategist with a focus on sustainable growth, inclusive leadership and emerging technologies. She is a Non-Executive Director of three LSE-listed companies and an independent Governor of London Metropolitan University. She is also a member of the Enterprise Committee at the Enterprise Hub of the Royal Academy of Engineering. Shefaly was among the “100 Women to Watch” in the Female FTSE Board Report 2016.

Shefaly has over two decades of commercial experience in corporate venturing, risk assessment and advising investors and startups. She has also taught undergraduate and graduate students, and trained CEOs and board directors. Shefaly holds a PhD in Political Decision Making from the University of Cambridge, having trained earlier in engineering, management, and technology policy. She combines her education with her experience of having lived and worked in three continents — and as an immigrant to the UK — to bring a unique and inspiring perspective to career and life opportunities with young school leavers, which she delivers with age-appropriate and culturally sensitive humour.