Steve Davies

CEO, Advertising Producers Association


Steve is a lawyer and Chief Executive of the Advertising Producers Association (
Steve was a partner in a law firm in central London, then worked in sport and TV- principally boxing and rugby- before joining the APA as Chief Executive in 2000.
The Advertising Producers Association- APA- is the trade body for production companies- including visual effects, editing, music and sound design companies creating commercials.
The APA provides them with business and legal affairs support, analysing contracts and dealing with queries on all production issues including copyright. It also provides training for its members staff and promotes its members through events in the UK and overseas- which last year involved taking 30 production companies to Silicon Valley to meet Twitter, Google/You Tube, Netflix etc to understand the new opportunities for commercials production companies.
Central to APA members work is their relationship to advertising agencies, who employ them on behalf of their clients- the advertisers- Coke, Apple, Adidas, Nike etc etc. With the explosion of new/digital media there are new opportunities for APA members to create content for the internet, phones and outdoor events.
Steve can explain the structure of the advertising and commercials production industry and the different roles within it, so students with an interest in advertising/the media can get a better sense of what might suit them.