Tanveer Hussain

Head of Peer Supervision and Risks Division at the Prudential Regulation Authority, Bank of England


Tanveer Hussain works for the Prudential Regulation Authority – the part of the Bank of England responsible for ensuring the safety and soundness of banks and other financial institutions. Tanveer leads a team that supervises international banks operating in the UK. In this role he is responsible for the direct supervision of sixty international firms; the authorisation of new international banks; and contingency planning and crisis management. This work ensures that the firms he supervises are not putting their customers or the UK’s financial system at risk. Tanveer is also involved in the Bank of England’s work on risks to the financial system from climate change and developments in green finance. Tanveer has worked in many areas of the Bank including on a review to make financial markets fairer and more effective. He has also worked in several of the Bank’s regional agencies which gather data and information for the Monetary Policy Committee to help them understand economic conditions across the UK.