Terri Duhon

Board Member, Morgan Stanley, Wise plc & Rathbones, Associate Fellow, The Said Business School, Oxford University


Terri Duhon is the Chair of the Board of Morgan Stanley Investment Management Ltd, on the board of Morgan Stanley International, Wise plc, a payments fintech and Rathbone Brothers plc, a FTSE250 UK wealth manager. She is an Associate Fellow at The Said Business School at Oxford University, a motivational speaker for Speakers for Schools and a frequent Keynote Speaker on Culture, Career Management, Diversity and Corporate Purpose.

After graduating from MIT in Math, Terri started her career at JPMorgan and spent 10 years working as a derivative trader. In particular she was part of the team that developed the credit derivative market globally as documented in Fool’s Gold. Later she became an entrepreneur and started a consulting business where she lead expert witness teams in unwinding some of the more complex products from the credit crisis. She has been on the board of CHAPS Co (the UK high value payment system), the board of Operation Smile UK, on the MIT Corporation Visiting Committee for the MIT Math Department and was a founding member of the Women’s Leadership Group for the Prince’s Trust. She is the author of How the Trading Floor Really Works, an award winning educator and a TEDx speaker.

“Inspiring, like a TED talk”

“Left the session feeling extremely motivated”

“It was a great, high-energy and engaging session with some tangible advice offered for their future careers. I spoke with many of the attendees after the event and they were certainly inspired by your apparent determination, focus and ability to effectively balance the home/work challenge. Furthermore, they appreciated the questions back to them which ensured they were actively and not passively listening!”

“Terri’s energy was great, have never heard from a non-executive director before – interesting to hear from a different perspective”

“She’s an example of a strong women, who was able to have a family in this industry which is very motivating”

“Thank you for the senior insight session with Terri this morning. Whilst all sessions have provided insight, information and motivation amongst other things, today’s tops it all. Thank you.”

“Thank you so much for your time earlier today. The session was absolutely spot-on and was so well targeted to the audience. This will give them a really timely dose of self-belief, career ownership and career vision.”

“I have already had a flood of messages of thanks – full of praise for your warmth, humor and honesty!”