Victoria Greenwood

Victoria Greenwood

Trustee, Longford Trust

I have spent my entire career in the world of crime and penology. I have degrees in Sociology ,Law and Criminology (Masters).

I taught various aspects of Criminology at universities for many years to law sociology and social work students both in the UK and the US. Courses on rape, domestic violence, prostitution , youth crime, philosophy of punishment, penology.

I co authored a book “Abortion in Demand” on the Sociology of Abortion Legislation, and papers on women and crime, rape and prostitution.

I then became a criminal clerk working in the courts and prisons before training as a solicitor specialising in the field of criminal defence. I have worked with alleged murderers, rapists and petty thieves of all ages.

I am a Trustee with the Longford Trust which offers scholarships for higher education to serving and ex- offenders and in that capacity visit many penal institutions.

Currently criminology is sexy due to TV serials like CSI which do not necessarily reflect reality and students imagine a glamorous future. I think I can offer some insight on working in this area.