Will Gompertz

Will Gompertz

Barbican’s Artistic Director, Barbican

Will Gompertz is the Director of Arts and Learning at the Barbican. This key role for the Centre brings together the arts and creative learning departments for the first time, and working with the art form and learning leads, Gompertz will lead the creation and delivery of the next phase of the Barbican’s artistic vision.

Will Gompertz joined the Barbican from the BBC in June 2021 where he has been Arts Editor since 2009, and prior to that was a Director of the Tate Galleries for seven years. During his tenure in these internationally renowned media and cultural organisations, he brought a focus on driving innovation and change, opening up the arts to the widest public with dynamic and strategic leadership.

Gompertz joins the Barbican at a pivotal time as it looks to its 40th anniversary next year and embarks on a major renewal of the building which aims to ensure the Centre will be the creative home for the next generation. He will lead the organisation in renewing its vision and purpose as a civic space for the widest inclusive community, especially in light of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Supporting and collaborating with the team of artistic and organisational leaders across the arts, creative learning, marketing and communications teams, the role will refocus the Barbican’s work in response to the different future we now face.