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  • Panel discussion – Career insights with Elaine Tyler, Founder of Venatrix

    Panel Discussion with Elaine Tyler, Nadine Myers, Elliott Parris 10/03/21 KS 4-5/S 4-6 Elaine Tyler talks to Nadine Myers, Founder of Redefined and Elliott Parris, Manager of Europe (Data-as-a-Service) & Co-Founder of Embrace at Elsevier about their experiences in education and how it led them to their current role. Elaine is the Founder of Venatrix, London’s No1 SaaS sales talent partner, which supports some of the fastest-growing companies in the world. In 2015 Elaine received investment from James Caan, former Dragon’s Den Investor and his recruitment venture firm, Recruitment Entrepreneur. Venetrix has been one of the top-performing businesses in his […]

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