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  • Student Group Socializing In Communal Area Of Busy College

    Why virtual work experience placements really work

    Why virtual work experience placements really work Originally featured in the Liverpool Law Society magazine in November 2021 Conditions since March 2020 inevitably reduced the opportunities for young people to engage with employers through traditional work experience. But whilst the pandemic created many challenges, it also acted as a catalyst for change. Virtual Work Experience is one innovation that, born out of necessity, now looks set to transform the way many leading employers will structure their early outreach activities going forwards. Why the shift in thinking? In a world where all UK businesses face the combined long-term effects of Brexit, […]

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  • Amplifying the voices of young people through our research

    Making Up for Lost Time: Introducing the Latest Research Report by Speakers for Schools Download the Report (PDF) Download the Report (PDF) The start of a new academic year has traditionally signalled an exciting time of transition as many young people head to new destinations to continue their academic studies or enter the world of work for the first time. All young people deserve to approach their futures with confidence. However, there can be no doubt that the pandemic has cast a shadow over the hopes and aspirations of many young people – disrupting their education, weighing heavily on their wellbeing, and […]

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  • The future is bright now as thousands more are working for the planet

    The future is bright now as thousands more are working for the planet Source – The Sun, 2 April 2021 GROW a brighter future with a green career. The Government last year pledged to create 90,000 “eco” jobs by 2024 and research reveals the change is already happening. Rosie King studied chemical engineering at Newcastle University before opting for an eco role as a graduate Renewables Engineer for power giant EDF. The numbers for those working in sustainable roles have risen 12 per cent in 12 months in Britain, almost double the global average. Monday will see the start of the first […]

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