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  • Watch our founder Robert Peston take the floor at the Education Select Committee.

    Make high quality work experience accessible to all! At the end of last month, Robert Peston was a guest panellist at the sixth session into the inquiry of careers education at the Education Select Committee. Robert highlighted the benefits of virtual and hybrid work experience and made an impassioned case for access to high-quality work experience to be a universal right for all young people. The committee acknowledged the current inconsistency of careers education provision across the country and explored how large-scale interventions such as work experience and other employer engagements could be achieved in a more equitable way across the regions. Read about the regional roundtable event with the […]

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  • Forbes Young Person Work Experience

    Introducing our latest campaign investigating transformational change on a national level.

    What would it take for every young person across the country to access quality work experience? The first phase of our ground breaking Work Experience for All campaign will ensure that policymakers, employers and educators can contribute to an open discussion about the role work experience should play in future careers education. In the next few months, we will be concentrating on three key factors in relation to delivering our Work Experience for All campaign nationally: You may have already spotted a reference to the research we conduct at Speakers for Schools in Forbes recent spotlight on education, alongside widespread coverage in […]

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    Shining a light on work experience and its importance to state educated young people in the UK.

    Read on to get exclusive access to our second campaign report On Monday 5th December Speakers for Schools founder Robert Peston spoke to Radio 4’s Today Programme to discuss our Work Experience For All campaign. And Robert is by no means the only member of the charity to feel passionate about this exciting and potentially ground-breaking campaign. Let us introduce you to Dr. Elnaz Kashef, Head of Research and Policy at Speakers for Schools, who leads the team working hard to make this evidence-based campaign a real call for change. Take a look at our top three takeaways: Catch up on Campaign Coverage Listen in on Speakers […]

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  • Speakers for Schools Publishes New Research into the Value of Virtual Work Experience

    Speakers for Schools publishes new research into the value of virtual work experience Employers, educators, parents, policy makers and other professional bodies have long recognised that work experience has a crucial part to play in helping young people prepare for the world of work. But whilst the benefits of in-person work experience have been extensively researched and documented, very little research exists to substantiate the benefits of virtual work experience to date. In the absence of published research into the value of virtual work experience, Speakers for Schools has researched and written a paper that can serve as a first […]

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  • Amplifying the voices of young people through our research

    Making Up for Lost Time: Introducing the Latest Research Report by Speakers for Schools Download the Report (PDF) Download the Report (PDF) The start of a new academic year has traditionally signalled an exciting time of transition as many young people head to new destinations to continue their academic studies or enter the world of work for the first time. All young people deserve to approach their futures with confidence. However, there can be no doubt that the pandemic has cast a shadow over the hopes and aspirations of many young people – disrupting their education, weighing heavily on their wellbeing, and […]

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