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  • We must throw forgotten young people a lifeline

    We must throw forgotten young people a lifeline Source: The Sunday Times, 18 April, 2021 From Covid-19 to climate change, the consequences of Brexit, technology that is reshaping the economy, the rise and rise of China and the cult of the strongman leader, we live in challenging and uncertain times — to put it mildly. Long gone is the notion of stability as the norm, the belief that liberal democracy was on the cusp of triumphing everywhere. We’ve gone back to a world of change, conflict and uncertainty, which characterised the 19th and 20th centuries. The big question — the […]

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  • Robert Peston’s brilliant economic vision for UK after downturn revealed

    According to The Daily Express on 12 April 2020, the Founder of Speakers for Schools Robert Peston outlined his vision for how he thinks the UK economy should look in years to come. As economists frantically grapple with how to best handle the crisis, an unearthed interview with ITV’s Robert Peston could shed light on how the UK economy might be structured in years to come. Mr Peston launched Speakers for Schools in 2011 to pair influential leaders from business, politics and academia to speak at state schools free of charge. His vision was a more diverse economic structure for […]

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