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  • Amplifying the voices of young people through our research

    Making Up for Lost Time: Introducing the Latest Research Report by Speakers for Schools   Download the Report (PDF) Download the Report (PDF) The start of a new academic year has traditionally signalled an exciting time of transition as many young people head to new destinations to continue their academic studies or enter the world of work […]

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  • Yougov Speakers for Schools Poll of MPs, business & young people

    Leading Youth Charities join forces to solve the biggest post pandemic barriers for young people Speakers for Schools, UK Youth and Young Enterprise come together in a historic partnership to launch, ‘Youth Card’, the social mobility app packed with thousands of career preparing opportunities.    This means the Youth Card is packed with thousands […]

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  • ‘People are demanding change’: Youngsters lead call for green businesses and jobs

    Source – Sky News, Gerard Tubb, North of England correspondent, 27th January 2021 In the UK, youngsters were more likely to describe climate change as a global emergency and they want to do something about it. Demand for green businesses and jobs is higher in the UK than anywhere else, according to a global United […]

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