Simon Mannion

VTALK FROM Simon Mannion
Creative Director at Advertising Agency Iris
Wednesday, May 20th 2020
KS3-5 / S1-6
Explaining the four guiding principles I’ve acquired over the years that will help any pupil, regardless of their future job, achieve a successful career. Briefly discuss the advertising industry as a whole and the roles that make up an ad agency. I elaborate on my journey into advertising, from a struggling kid at school with a passion for art, through college and then finally seeking a career in London.

Simon Mannion

Simon is a Creative Director at Iris, one of London’s most awarded advertising agencies. He’s helped grow the company from a group of 50 to over 1000 with offices across the globe. In his time Simon has sold everything from football boots to mobile phones, and worked with everyone from Mickey Mouse to Lionel Messi.

After graduating from Bristol with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design he hopped on the train to London and never left. He’s amassed a wealth of experience working across all disciplines of advertising, picking up a number of coveted awards along the way.

Simon’s spoken at a number of colleges singing the benefits of the industry and after nearly twenty years in the business is still as passionate today as he was all those years ago when he landed his first work placement.

When not writing ads Simon likes to fool around with his family, play music louder than he should, and walk (run after) his dog in the Kent countryside.